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November 2009

11gR2: new algorithm for fast refresh of on-commit materialized views

This post investigates the improvements that have been made in 11gR2 to the fast refresh engine of materialized views (MVs) that are set to be automatically refreshed at commit time. We speak about join-only materialized views only in this post, as always with the help of a test case.

As noted in the post of mine “11gR2: materialized view logs changes“, in 11gR2 a new column, xid$$, is now part of materialized view logs; this column records the id of the transaction that logged the changes of the base table which the log is defined on.…

11gR2: materialized view logs changes

In this post we are going to discuss some 11gR2 changes to materialized view logs that are aimed at increasing the performance of the fast-refresh engine of materialized views (MVs), especially the on-commit variant.

The MV logs, in 10gr2, now comes in two flavours: the traditional (and still the default) timestamp-based one and the brand new commit SCN-based one; you choose the latter type by specifing the “WITH COMMIT SCN” clause at MV log creation time.…