Important note: the xtrace main page is here; clicking on the Java Web Start launch button located there is more convenient than following the manual procedure described here.

First of all, download the xtrace.jar application.

Then, make sure that the SUN JRE is correctly installed; its version must be at least Java 6 update 18.

Launching from a graphical environment:
Provided that the correct JVM is correctly installed, in many graphical environments you can simply double-click the xtrace.jar. This is almost always the case in Microsoft Windows.

Launching with a command-line shell:
  1. make sure that JAVA_HOME points to the JRE
  2. make sure xtrace.jar is in the CLASSPATH
  3. java -jar xtrace.jar

  4. Note: you can script the application easily by using its command-line interface:

    java -jar xtrace.jar mytrace.trc -charset.database=UTF-8

    the name and meaning of all parameters are printed as the first lines of standard output.